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4 Ways Mobile Laboratories Have Enhanced Laboratory Testing Services

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Today, the demand for mobile medical laboratory services is higher than ever as more people seek convenient clinical lab testing services. Mobile laboratories have been around for a long time, but they have gained mainstream attention during the COVID pandemic. Nevertheless, Americans have embraced mobile lab testing because of the many benefits they can get from a mobile laboratory.

Here’s how mobile testing labs have enhanced laboratory testing services.

1. Reduced Turnaround Time for Results Delivery

A mobile laboratory offers on-site clinical laboratory testing. This way, you don’t have to seek lab services at a hospital or clinic, as they are brought to you. Having access to mobile lab services from a convenient location like your home or a place near your home has two-fold benefits. For starters, you’ll not waste time commuting to a clinic or hospital. Secondly, the lab technicians will not waste time waiting for you at the clinic, as they will find you at your home.

Mobile lab testing saves time for both customers and lab technicians. This time advantage, coupled with the fact that mobile labs are well-equipped, help lab technicians deliver results rapidly. You may get your mobile lab results within an hour or a day depending on the type of test you need. Conversely, it may take five to seven days for fixed lab services to deliver results. Getting accurate test results fast is a big advantage when you need the results for an urgent purpose, like traveling or during a disease outbreak.

2. Mobile Testing Labs Have Enabled People With Mobility Challenges to Access Testing Services

Not everybody can visit a hospital at will to access lab testing services. Pregnant women, the elderly, people on prescribed bed rest, and those suffering from chronic conditions may have mobility challenges that keep them at home. For such people, mobile testing labs provide an ideal and convenient solution. With a mobile laboratory, lab technicians can take services to their clients in any location.

3. Mobile Lab Services Enhance Patient Privacy

Since you can book at-home testing services, you have the privilege to keep the testing process as private as you wish. It’s not always ideal to stay in line at a clinic or hospital waiting to self-collect stool and urine specimens for your test and return to collect your results. You may meet familiar people at the clinic you'd prefer not to see.

A mobile laboratory enables you to avoid these embarrassing scenarios by allowing you to request testing services from the comfort of your home or a place where you feel more comfortable. This helps you keep your medical information private and avoid answering unwanted questions from people.

4. Mobile Lab Testing Enhances Your Safety

Today, you have to be extra careful with your health to avoid catching or spreading COVID-19. One of the precautions is to avoid public places with many people and where social distance is not observed. Although most hospitals and clinics have implemented preventative measures to contain the Coronavirus, mobile testing labs are still the safest option. This is because a mobile laboratory may choose to attend to one patient at a go. Also, when you opt for in-home testing services, you’ll limit your interaction with random people since you won’t leave your house. Hence, your chances of catching or spreading COVID-19 or any other airborne virus are limited when you utilize mobile medical laboratory services.

Thanks to mobile laboratories, the days of waiting in line at a clinic to get a blood test are long gone. Good thing a mobile laboratory is fully equipped to handle all types of clinical lab tests, including COVID testing. When you need a lab test urgently, you don’t have to go to the hospital as you can utilize mobile laboratory services and have the tests at your home or at a convenient location of your choice.

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