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How Do Clinical Lab Consultants Inform Medical Decisions?

Clinical lab consultants play an important role in the medical community. According to WebMD, diagnostic lab testing, including blood work, inform about 70% of decisions that medical teams make. Lab testing has become more complex thanks to new technologies. The role of clinical lab consultants has become more important than ever. Here are some ways clinical lab consultants are helping diagnostic accuracy.

Determining the Appropriate Testing

Over the last two decades, the number of lab tests has increased significantly, so much so that many providers question which test is the right one. A clinical lab consultant can provide direction and guidance to ensure appropriate testing. They can work with the provider to determine which testing is going to provide the best insight and help with an accurate diagnosis.

Interpretation Assistance

Complex testing can be difficult to interpret without focused training. A lab consultant has the training to help providers interpret results, and they ensure that reports are clear and provide vital information, including the test results and understand what those results imply.

Personalized Medicine Assets

With more genetic testing available to personalize treatment, the clinical lab consultant plays a larger role than ever in informing medical decisions. There is a shift in medicine. Instead of treating disease, it’s becoming more evident that preventing disease through genetic testing is a viable approach. Clinical lab consultants are critical in helping providers understand the genetic testing results. They can help providers to make informed decisions about patient care.

Improving Accuracy and Speed of Diagnosis

It’s essential that patients get their test results back quickly and that diagnosis based on those results is accurate. One of the most important roles a clinical lab consultant plays in informing medical decisions is a checks and balances role. They reduce the risk of errors in diagnosing by thoroughly evaluating the results before presenting them to the provider. The provider can move confidently in making medical decisions for their patients with the help of a clinical lab consultant. A lab consultant can help to reduce the risk of serious errors in medical care.

Clinical lab consultants are critical in informing medical decisions. Learn more about what a clinical lab consultant can offer you by getting in touch with us today!

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