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How Does the CDC Know When It's Safe to Go Back to a Normal Life?

COVID-19 has thrown our lives into disarray, halting most of our routine activities. After nearly three years of ensuring high hygiene standards, carefully considering our actions, and laboratory consultant professionals testing for this virus, everyone is undoubtedly thinking about one huge question: will we ever return to normal life? The solution may not be straightforward. Data from over 500 medical researchers and infectious disease experts in the United States and Canada that were interviewed by The New York Times suggests things could start to normalize soon. Let’s look more into this.

The Future of COVID-19

Experts predict that COVID-19 will lose its pandemic status by 2022, owing to increased worldwide vaccination rates and the introduction of antiviral COVID-19 tablets that might become more widely available next year. Rather, the virus will most certainly become "endemic," decreasing in intensity and disappearing into the background of daily life. Viral pandemics have followed a similar trend throughout the last century. According to the CDC, COVID-19 will likely remain harmful even after the pandemic ends and most likely become a seasonal disease just like the flu.

COVID-19 Could Become a Seasonal Illness

Once endemic, COVID-19 won't have as much influence on your daily decisions. It will not be the decisive factor in whether we engage in everyday or leisure activities. It will become endemic, spreading worldwide but causing less sickness since more individuals have immunity from previous infections or vaccinations. COVID-19 infections will peak at certain times, as they do with other respiratory viruses, most likely in the cooler fall and winter months, implying that COVID-19 and flu seasons will likely overlap.

Annual COVID-19 Boosters Could Become the Norm

COVID-19 vaccinations, like flu shots, may become an annual event, according to some scientists. If new COVID-19 varieties continue to emerge, each year's booster can be tailored to combat the prevailing variety at the moment.

Stay Protected In the Meantime

Even after being vaccinated, it would be inappropriate to disregard any measures. This virus has an unpredictable character, so for your own and your loved ones' protection, keep wearing masks, keep a social distance, continue to get booster shots, and follow all hygiene and sanitation precautions until we have all the answers.

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