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How to Offer Lab Services at Your Medical Practice

Laboratory consulting services can help you offer in-office lab services, which can attract new patients and improve satisfaction among established patients. Providing easy access to laboratory testing can benefit both the patient and the practice. Laboratory consulting services can help you set up your own lab. Here's how.

Why Add This Service?

About 322,488 labs across the U.S. are small businesses that contribute significantly to local economies. That is about 80% of all labs. However, since the COVID-19 outbreak, many medical offices have started in-practice labs to help take some of the pressure off these labs.

Backlogs in laboratories because of the COVID-19 outbreak have shown how important it is that patients have other options for getting critical lab results. Long delays, overworked technicians, and other factors can reduce accuracy and put patients at risk. Inaccuracies coming from overworked laboratories can also put your practice at risk. Trusting diagnostic testing is vital to moving forward with the right treatment plan.

Accurate testing is a must for accurate diagnostics and treatment. An in-office lab can reduce wait times for results, improve accuracy, and ultimately improve patient care.

Your First Step

The first step in setting up an in-office lab is to connect with laboratory consulting services that can walk you through the process, provide direction, and help you set up the lab. From here, you'll see the excellent results it'll provide for your medical practice.

Lab Services In Action

Adding laboratory services to your suite of care services is a natural progression for a growing practice. It will make diagnostic testing easier for your patients and easier for your practice. Instead of waiting for results, you can walk over to the lab and grab the report. There will be fewer missed reports, less time spent hunting them down, and it will help to reduce the risk of human error in reporting.

Having control over diagnostic testing helps you to closely manage patient care and patient experience. Treatments can be started earlier, and healing can begin sooner. An in-practice lab is an easy way to grow your practice and provide services that support patient care.

Learn more about the process, the cost, and the benefits of creating an in-practice lab today by contacting laboratory consulting services at Click On Laboratory. We look forward to helping your medical practice make this needed transition!

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