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How to Prepare for a Laboratory Inspection

A laboratory consultant can help you get through your laboratory inspection, which can sometimes be nerve-racking. A laboratory consultant can provide you with specific directions on how to ensure your inspection goes off without a hitch.

There are some simple steps you can take to help you get through the inspection. Follow the tips outlined below, and if you run into problems, connect with a laboratory consultant that can help.

Follow the CAP Checklist

Before you start getting your lab ready, be sure you are using the right CAP checklist. There are different versions for different laboratories. Using the right checklist is essential. The CAP checklist is a tool you can use to guide you through preparing for the inspection. Following the checklist closely will ensure that you are fully prepared for the inspection.

Pay Close Attention to the Evidence of Compliance Section

As you are moving through the checklist, be sure that you pay special attention to the evidence of compliance section. Moving through the checklist, make a mental note that you are doing the right things; you don't want to get to the “evidence of compliance” and realize you do not have evidence of doing the right thing.

Read the evidence of compliance section first, and then go through the checklist. Often refer back often to that section as you are going through the checklist.

Review Past Inspections

Review past inspection reports and make note of any compliance problems. Be sure they are not being repeated. The inspector will have read the prior reports and will use them as reference tools.

Organize & Take a Breath

Make sure that all procedure manuals and other reference materials are located in an easily accessible location. Check for expired stock and remove it. Speak to staff about their important role in this inspection, providing guidelines and materials that will help them understand how you can pass inspection successfully.

It is essential to stay calm, cool, and collected. Being frazzled before and during the inspection can mean missing out on details that you need to pay attention to.

As you're preparing for your laboratory inspection, follow these helpful tips and speak with a laboratory consultant, as they can help take some of the stress out of the process. Learn how you can get the support you need today at Click On Laboratory.

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