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How To Set Up a Medical Laboratory in Miami

If you've been thinking of setting up a medical laboratory in Miami, you have a few things to consider. What type of lab will you be running? Where exactly will it be located? How will you go about hiring a laboratory consultant? What about billing? Setting up a medical lab in Miami also comes with a lot of responsibility, so give yourself and your lab the best possible chances of success and start off strong from the very beginning.

Decide on a Lab Type

Will you be setting up a biobank or an R&D hub for recently developed pharmaceutical drugs? Medications require a lot of testing before they can be approved for use by the public, so this kind of lab is a popular choice, along with labs specializing in fertility treatments. The kind of lab you decide to set up may affect what licenses you need to operate legally in the Miami area.

Investigate Legalities

Setting up a medical laboratory in Miami will require documentation, both for the city and the state. Be sure to look into any and all licenses you may need to operate legally within Miami, as well as any licenses and certifications your staff members, such as a laboratory consultant, will need.

Secure Equipment

It's best to get quotes from two or three places that can supply your lab with equipment. This way you get a range of prices and an idea of what you can realistically get for the price. Be sure to opt for a service contract that meets all your needs.

Hire the Right People

People are the biggest asset of any business. Hire a good, well-qualified laboratory consultant right out of the gate. They can help you avoid future headaches. You may also want to invest in a solid Laboratory Inventory Management System. This is very important for you to have as you start reporting results back to physicians.

Experts estimate that between 40,000 and 80,000 deaths occur from preventable diagnostic errors annually. Setting up a lab also brings you a lot of responsibility. Start out the right way and make sure that you give yourself and your new lab the best chance of success.

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