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The importance of standard operating procedures for laboratories

All businesses and organizations strive to offer the best in terms of the quality of products and services. That is why SOP is important to maintain a competitive edge and keep clients satisfied. Here are some insights on the importance of SOP for laboratories.

What is SOP?

Standard operating procedures (SOP) are a set of documents and policies that define practices that need to be strictly followed by all employees without deviation. It is through SOP’s that a business defines its quality of services and maintains its growth. Although each laboratory has a unique set of standard operating procedures based on organizational requirements, they all have the one common goal of giving the best possible service to clients in terms of quality.

Why is SOP important?

The SOP’s of each laboratory are different, nevertheless, there are some common benefits obtained such as quality management, performance management simplification, protection from loss of an employee, and more. Quality management is the foremost goal of SOP and allows laboratory staff to maintain the highest quality of the services through predefined processes and rules.

Benefits of SOP

Another crucial benefit of SOP is that it helps simplify the overall performance management of a laboratory. This is a great tool for managers to access each employee’s performance as all of them follow the standard processes and therefore it isn’t much complicated to compare their work. The function of standard operating procedures also comes into play in the case of an employee leaving the laboratory. Having every step, description of duties and procedures, and other relevant information on a document prevents you from being left with no information in case a head manager leaves. This is also helpful when training a new employee as you have the proper documentation of things, leaving no room for confusion or misunderstandings.

SOP’s are especially helpful in businesses such as laboratories, that function on repetitive and strict processes and not so much on creativity. Our laboratory consulting services at Click on Lab offer you written Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs), test validation, staff training, and other important processes needed for your lab set up, performance, and growth. Contact us today for more information.

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