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Three key performance indicators (KPIs) to optimize your laboratory

Performance indicators or metrics are an effective way to measure and improve the quality and productivity of a clinical laboratory. Using specific indicators given by a laboratory consultant will allow you to handle and operate your clinic efficiently. In the long run, this can result in increased patient satisfaction, reduced costs and waste, and improved quality, which are vital for the success of your lab.

So, here are the KPIs that will help optimize your laboratory.

1. Turnaround time

Turnaround time refers to the amount of time taken to complete a process. This is a crucial factor to take into consideration as it directly influences customer satisfaction. Customers are not only searching for the best price, but they also want their test results as quickly as possible. Measuring this key performance indicator can help you take the necessary steps to eliminate bottlenecks and reduce your turnaround time.

2. Nonconformities and complaints

Nonconformities are any processes or activities that don't fulfill their intended purpose and they can be a sign of poor process quality. It is therefore important to record, report and investigate nonconformities and complaints to identify the root problems of certain issues. Remember that mistakes happen, and no laboratory is perfect, and that is why working with a laboratory consultant can help you assess, monitor, and implement solutions to improve your processes.

3. Customer retention

Customer retention is when clients stay with a business for a certain period of time. This is an important indicator of whether a business is growing or not. It's important to note patterns that are bringing or keeping customers in as well as those that are driving them away. On average, most laboratories only retain 80% of their clients each year. A good idea is to ask for customers' feedback or send out surveys to determine which customers you retained and lost. For those that choose another laboratory, reach out to understand what made them take their business elsewhere. This feedback will help improve your processes and in turn increase as well as maintain customer retention.

Having these KPIs will only help optimize your laboratory. If you don't know which metrics to focus on or how to ensure quality control in your processes, it is best to contact a laboratory consultant. At Click On Laboratory, our laboratory consultant services help ensure that your lab performs in the best way possible. Contact us today!

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