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What Is the CDC Recommending Holiday Travelers Do This Year?

Last year, families went through a holiday season unlike any other. Many chose not to travel to be with their relatives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the pandemic is ongoing, restrictions have eased up to an extent, and lots of people are left wondering whether or not they will be able to see their loved ones this holiday season.

There is no better resource to turn to about COVID testing and the pandemic than the CDC. With that in mind, you should stay up to date on what the CDC is advising rather than simply relying on what your friends and relatives say.

Where Does the CDC Stand on the 2021 Holidays?

So, where does the CDC stand on traveling for the holidays this year? Generally speaking, the CDC isn't outright recommending against traveling at all this holiday season. However, there are limitations that should be observed in light of the pandemic.

Those that are extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 may find that it is unsafe to travel during this holiday season. This would include the elderly as well as those who are unable to be vaccinated due to illness or age. Those that suffer from illnesses in general that compromise their immune systems should abstain from traveling this holiday season, as they are especially at risk of becoming extremely sick if they contract the virus.

What Can I Do to Prepare for the 2021 Holidays?

If you are traveling this holiday season, there are things that you can do in order to protect yourself when traveling. Among those steps include getting fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to your travel plans. This will ensure that you are much less at risk of contracting COVID-19. If you do contract the virus, it will most likely be significantly less severe than it would be if you weren't vaccinated. It's also recommended to obtain COVID testing before and after traveling to ensure you're healthy and won't spread the virus.

Holiday gatherings should still be kept somewhat smaller this year, if possible. Masks should be used in more crowded indoor spaces, and cramped, poorly-ventilated spaces should be avoided. Those that are sick in general should avoid gatherings and seek COVID testing as quickly as possible. Each year, over seven billion clinic lab tests are performed in the United States. You can seek COVID testing much more easily now than you may have at the beginning of the pandemic.

If you'll be traveling this holiday season, keep this important information handy. It's best to remain cautious during the holidays so you and your family don't contract or spread the virus. For excellent COVID testing services, contact Click On Laboratory.

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