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Why Are Mobile Labs on the Rise?

Most laboratories are usually situated in permanent brick-and-mortar facilities. Nevertheless, in recent times, an increasing number of laboratories are located in cars, trucks, ships, and aircraft. There are many reasons for the rise in the number of mobile labs and its widespread adoption by researchers, students, and other science professionals. Some of the reasons for the rise in mobile labs run by a clinical lab consulting company are examined below:

Reduced Turnaround Times

Mobile laboratories have a considerable advantage in terms of turnaround time. Compared to the five-seven day turnaround periods associated with most fixed lab services, mobile lab results can be supplied within one to 24 hours. They're ideal for high-pressure projects. Mobile laboratories can be immediately mobilized to a location and can provide results within hours. However, this is not as simple as it seems, since proper equipment, technique selection, and quality control are all necessary for reliable results from a clinical lab consulting company.

Reduced Costs

Many researchers and scientific professionals opt for mobile labs these days since they significantly reduce costs. Although there are misconceptions that acquiring a mobile laboratory can significantly increase project expenditure, that's not the case. Adopting a mobile laboratory can significantly reduce expenses by allowing better sorting of contaminated materials, thereby reducing remediation and waste disposal spending.

Reduced Hazardous Waste

Mobile labs contribute to the reduction of hazardous waste in the environment. When samples are obtained and examined in mobile labs, the waste is also disposed of on-site. This reduces the dumping of polluted material, which helps preserve the environment and keep it clean and free of toxins. This will eventually aid in the management of disease transmission, hence sustaining population health.

Reduced Risk of Contamination

Mobile labs have the necessary equipment to collect and evaluate samples quickly and easily. Rapid sample collection and testing reduce the risk of contamination when samples are carried across long distances to be analyzed.

Data Reliability

Data obtained by mobile laboratories is typically among the finest, since it may be examined within minutes of collection. Compared to collecting samples and transporting them far distances for testing, this offers the data some credibility since the results from mobile labs are more reliable.

Mobile labs will continue to grow in popularity for the reasons outlined above. If you're interested in setting up a clinical testing mobile lab and need a consultation with a clinical lab consulting company, reach out to us for expert advice.

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